Good St Gerard, powerful intercessor and wonder-worker, we call on you and seek your aid. You know that we have not been blessed with a child and how much we desire this gift. Please present our pleas to God, from whom all parenthood proceeds, and beseech the Creator of Life to bless us with a child whom we may raise as an heir of heaven.



Almighty God, from his boyhood years you blessed St Gerard with generosity of soul

and let him to do your will in heroic ways.

St Gerard, dear friend of God, pray that our sense of God will grow strong.

Pray that Jesus Our Lord, will be a living presence in our lives.

Pray that the fullness and beauty of the faith will take possession of us and bring us fully alive.

St Gerard Family League Prayer


Great protector of the family, St Gerard, we ask your prayers for all parents, that they may receive the grace to live in the love of God and bring up their children to know and love him with all their hearts.

We ask you to pray that those who take the lives of unborn innocents and attack the dignity of parenthood may come to see the error of thier ways, and that all may value the holiness of Christian family life.

God, our loving father, your life gives life to the world. Bless and make holy all human love, especially the life-giving love of fathers and mothers. May your love fill the hearts and homes of all families, so that the world may enjoy the peace and happiness promised by your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.



Brother Gerard, you spent your life in union with Jesus Christ,

help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Brother Gerard, you desired to give yourself to Christ in the religious life,

obtain for us the grace to follow our vocation in life.

Brother Gerard, you were filled with empathy for the poor and suffering,

obtain for us the gift of compassion for those in need.

Brother Gerard, your prayers to the Lord brought healing to the sick,

obtain for us the power to bring the healing presence of Jesus to those in need.

Brother Gerard, the Passion of Jesus moved you to imitate His Redemptive Love,

obtain for us the grace to accept our sufferings for the salvation of the world.

Brother Gerard, you brought back to the Church those who were abandoned,

obtain for us the zeal to welcome people back to the community of the faith.

Brother Gerard, you were devoted to the Blessed Sacrament,

obtain for us a vibrant love for the Holy Eucharist.

Saint Gerard, your intercession is felt in the lives of many who call upon you in their need.

Hear us as we lift our voice in prayer.

Obtain for us a greater love for Jesus Christ.

Help us to imitate your generous love for the poor and suffering.

Assist us with your prayers and obtain for us the help we need.


St Gerard Majella is the Patron Saint of Mothers, especially during pregnancy. He is also invoked by couples who are struggling to conceive.


Prayer to St Gerard

St Gerard, passionate lover of Jesus crucified and his mother Mary, you spent your short life helping countless souls by your powerful prayers, especially mothers and families and so earning the title of “The Mothers’ Saint”. Pray for me that I may obtain what I earnestly ask in the name of Jesus and grant me the grace to accept wholeheartedly God’s will in my life.

An Alternate prayer to St Gerard

St Gerard, during your life you extended your help to the unfortunate and poor around you. Help me in my present need. Give me insight to recognise the presence of Jesus in the sufferings and troubles of others. Let not my urgent need for help cause me to think only of myself. Following your example, uniting my prayers and sufferings with Jesus on the cross, may I be transformed into a person of love and compassion. St Gerard, pray for me. Amen