The fears in our hearts (Luke 24:35-48)

  1. Jesus appeared to the disciples bringing peace: “My peace I give to you” (John 14:27). He gave them the gift of his peace -a peace he promised through his Resurrection.
  2. How convinced are we of the power of such love? Why are we sometimes afraid? Why do we doubt that he is with us? Why are we anxious? Let’s listen as Jesus asks his disciples, “Why are you troubled?” and reflect on what circumstances and people weigh on our hearts and minds. What robs us of interior peace?
  3. Jesus knows the many questions we have in our hearts. Let’s make an act of entrusting ourselves to Jesus’s love and thank him for his presence through the gift of peace. We need to renew this act as often as worries assail us in this time of corona virus pestilence.
  4. With a simple gesture, we understand the desire in the heart of Jesus to help the disciples overcome their fear and unbelief. He showed them his nail-marked hands and feet, inviting them to look and touch.
  5. Jesus is not afraid to show us his hands and his feet through his mystical body, the Church. He says, “It is I me!” Let us see God’s power at work in all things beyond the human condition.
  6. When we contemplate the wounds of Christ in his risen body, his body the Church, his power and grace can prevail over the damage, scars, pains, and sufferings we endure. Let us believe in Jesus’ healing power through the Church. 

And may the Lord keep you safe from harm. Amen.

Reflection for Thursday of Easter Octave by Fr. Phelle Chancellor (16.04.2020)

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