It is the Lord (John 21:1-14)

  1. Ordinarily, the best time to catch fish is late evening or early morning. The disciples, professional fishermen, went out to do business at the most appropriate time, LATE EVENING. Nonetheless, their most appropriate and best timing according to professional human measures yielded catastrophic failure (John 21:3)!
  2. Jesus comes around, LATE MORNING, a wrong time to fish, the disciples must have been overwhelmed by sadness and emptiness since they caught nothing. Their sadness got deeper when a stranger asked them to throw their nets on the right side of the boat at an odd time, what does he know about fishing to offer such a naive suggestion to professions? Anyway, they obeyed (they had yet realised that it was Jesus (John 21:4, 6). Their obedience led them from overwhelming sadness and emptiness to overwhelming joy and fulfilment!
  3. Human efforts at the best timing yielded NOTHING, Divine intervention under the most scientifically odd circumstances yielded superabundant SUCCESS (John 21:6).
  4. All human efforts, ordinarily and scientifically, without involving God winds up in catastrophic failure, utter sadness, nothingness and EMPTINESS. We should offer our human efforts to God for an end to the Covid -19 pestilence, without him, we can achieve nothing.
    5. Let humanity, in her present helplessness/emptiness, look back at the scientific, economic and other recorded successes and be grateful to God for his gifts. Humanity must end the prideful claim to historical successes and acknowledge that indeed it was the Lord’s doing, yes, with Peter let us acclaim, IT IS THE LORD (John 21:7), the creator of heaven and earth and all that lives within it; it is the Lord from whence our help shall come in this time of gloom and devastation (Psalm 121:1-2). Indeed IT IS THE LORD.


Reflection for Friday of Easter Octave by Fr. Phele Chancellor (17.04.2020)

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