You have proven to be the best dad since I became your foster son in 2007 when my father handed me over to you at.St. anne’s Parish, Adikpo.

Now both of you are in heaven interceeding for us.

Today, on your birthday, it is two months since you left us and one month two days since you were laid to rest.

I deeply miss you, I profoundly relish the sweet memories of the times we shared, the total commitment to work and the stressful periods of the take off of the Diocese when we worked throughout the night and on Saturdays ans Sundays! You taught me hard work, prayerfulness ans diligence. Thank you.

Rest in peace St. Peter Iornzuul ADOBOH and continue to pray for us your family.

Happy posthumous birthday dear Paapa, the humble, gentle, kind and holy Bishop.

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