Rest in peace Paapa.

I can’t believe that I could write this for you.

You were the angel and saint I met in person closely for about a decade and more.

Your life is a road map and an explicit lesson note, I shall keep referring to it for guidance and direction.

Tell Emmanuel Akumbul Due Fele that the young man he handed over to you as a son in Adikpo has become a man and old enough to tell the world about your impact on my life.

Travel lightly Paapa, you completely emptied yourself of the unnecessary baggage of life; go well Paapa.

I miss you so dearly but I won’t cry as I promised you. My heart is heavy…

I never called you My Lord, I never addressed you as Your Excellency except officially, I called you PAAPA and that is what you are in my life alive or not… you are my Paapa forever and no one can replace you.

Bishop Peter Iornzuul Adoboh RIP

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