1. Our hearts can love and be attached to many things: ambitions, desires, hopes, esteem, comfort, getting things done, using our talents, self-fulfillment. Our Lord chose to subordinate all these possibilities to the love of his Father. This is what it means to follow Christ and be “detached” from the world: to be ready to give up any of these goods for love of Christ, should he require us to do so. We must be so in love with Christ that we esteem him more than all of these other loves.

2. This is a Christ Centredife by which true liberation from the slavery of egoism is achieved. The fruits of a Christ centred life by dying to self in this way are contentment, joy, peace, love, and eternal life.

3. Beloved brethren, go forth this day and be transfigured into a Christ centred Christian. God bless your day.

Reflection: Christ Centred Life (Luke 9:28-36)

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