Sankera Deanery

Parish Priest:                Fr AJAI Isaac

Phone No:

Ass. Parish Priest:         Fr NENMO Dominic

Phone No:

Central Catechist:        Mr MOOVE Thomas

Phone No:             08072002772

A Brief History of St. Peter’s Parish, Ayati

In the year 1997, Ayati zone was carved out of St. Anthony’s parish Zaki-Biam by the parish priest Revd. Fr. Moses Orhungur with twelve outstations.

This zone grew up both spirituall and morally so rapidly that it became an independent mission on the 19th September, 1998 by the helping hand of Revd. Fr. Peter Zakaa Kparev and Revd. Fr. Titus Ashweh was transferred to be the first priest of the mission.

On the 5th February, 2000, St. Peter’s mission became a parish and was dedicated by His Lordship Most Revd A. A. Usuh with thirty six (36) outstations and Revd. Fr. Titus Ashweh became the first parish priest.

From 2000 to 2006, Revd. Fr. Richard Orhungur Iyaghigba was transferred to the parish and was followed by the Late Revd Fr Samuel Abur Igyo of blessed memories from 2006 to 2011. Revd Fr Francis Tor took over in 2011 and worked at the parish till 2014 when he left for further studies.

At present, Revd Fr Isaac Ajai is the parish priest. St. Peter’s parish, Ayati has forty-six (46) outstations and ten (10) zones.


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